About us

Due to the growing number of migrants and their needs in the local community, the Institute of the Migrants’ Rights was established at ul. Ruska 46a / 202, Wroclaw. By the decree of 22 of 2020, the IMR continues to develop the activities of the information point for migrants, which has already existed since 2017.

We comprehensively consider the problems and expectations of migrants in two variations: in the Information Room for foreigners,as well as conducting professional activities in the field of migration law and social integration. The mission of information point is to provide information support for migrants in the field of legalization of stay, job search and household issues. We prepare and share expert publications, as well as cooperate with government organizations and the NGO sector dealing with migrants in Poland, is part of our professional activities. The services of the IMR’ information point is free of charge and provided by experts, first of all, by specialists in the field of migration law.

The IMR team is made up of experienced lawyers, career advisers and psychologists. Services are provided in 4 languages: Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and English. Moreover, the specialists have their own migration experience, which additionally guarantees a special understanding of the client's needs and expectations.

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Bartłomiej Potocki

Dyrektor Instytutu Praw Migrantów

Karol Korczyński

Asystent dyrektora

Angelika Wójcik


Svitlana Kucherenko

Specjalistka ds. promocji i PR

Yuliia Ananieva

Specjalista ds. informacji

Artur Bilynskyi

Młodszy specjalista ds. informacji i promocji

Tetiana Chyzh

Prawniczka, specjalistka ds. informacji

Anna Trylińska


Joanna Handziak-Buczko

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Education society about equal opportunities and rights through consulting and training activities
Adaption of legal acts according to the needs and opportunities of migrants, as well as socio-economic interests
Establishing partnership cooperation between migrants and Polish society to meet the socio-economic needs of the parties
Provision of opportunities for an equal participation of migrants in the life of local community


Informational consultations at the IMR information point on integration and daily life of foreigners in Poland

Professional consultancy (lawyers, career adviser, psychologist)

Publications by experts

Collaboration with organizations service on behalf of migrants, including public administrationi

Training activities related to migration and the third sector